Above: Chicago from the Night Atlas series. Night Atlas was on exhibit in Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation, September 17 to October 31, 2015. There is more information about this series and the exhibition on my blog, WalkClickMake.com.







Welcome to FirmanGallery.com and my blog, WalkClickMake.com


The three gallery sections shown in the menu at the top of this page - Fine Art, Travel and Public Art - will give you a sense of my varied photographic interests, ranging from fine art projects such as the Walk Project; travel projects such as the Camino Frances; and public art projects such as the Transcona Performance Pavilion.


The Fine Art section showcases my Walk Project, which has informed much of my subsequent work in various ways. The project explores how one moves through space and visualizes that space. Images are taken while walking along a set path around a park, along a river or through a neighbourhood, each offering an abstracted view, a pinpoint of focus on something seen along the walk, set in a blurred field of vision.


The Public Art section illustrates projects where the goal is to use my photographic background as well as my background in architecture to sculpt space and create lasting urban environments. To this end, my recent public art projects have focused on photography that draws upon the local environment in an abstract way and incorporates the resulting images as part of a large scale three dimensional environment woven into the day-to-day lives of those passing by or through the art space.


The Travel section is all about my life-long interest in exploring new places. However, it is only now that I have felt comfortable presenting my travel photography along side my 'serious' photography. I have always felt photography has helped me to understand the places I visit. They are my visual journals. So it is only fair that they be given an equal footing in my art practice and on this website.


My blog, WalkClickMake, started life on firmangallery.com in August 2014. Here I explore three themes dear to my life and how they intersect in creative, unlikely ways: walking, whether a long trek or around the neighbourhood; photography projects, mostly new but a few old ones as well; and making things, ranging from monumentally-scaled public art forms to tiny books. Started in August 2014, I have consistently added new posts at least once every week. In the case of my long-distance (600km) Prague-Vienna Greenway walk, I blogged almost every day while on the trail - “live blogging” if you will. For technical reasons, the blog moved in June 2015 to a new site at www.walkclickmake.com where the posts continue. Be sire to check out this new site but you can also find nine-month's worth of earlier posts right here an firmangallery.com/blog.


Throughout the galleries, you will notice a few recurring themes. There is a strong emphasis on landscape, both urban and natural. In particular, I am constantly intrigued by the prairie landscape, my appreciation no doubt nurtured by having lived in the prairie province of Manitoba, Canada since 1970. You will have also noticed that walking plays a strong role in my life and my photography, including recent long walks on Prague-Vienna Greenway and much shorter walks such as my recent tiny book, Walking Styxx: a month of psychogeographic walks with a greyhound.


If you have any comments regarding my images, feel free to contact me. Or make use of the social media buttons located throughout the site. Or leave a comment on a WalkClickMake blog post. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your time exploring firmangallery.com and walkclickmake.com. That is its primary purpose.



David Firman