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Three Days Walking is based on my previous Walk Project work but takes it in a different direction. It is derived from a trek by my wife Gail and I through the near-Gobi Desert of Mongolia in 2007. The series pays homage to the historic stereo views produced by itinerate travel photographers over a century ago. While my views are clearly not stereo, the paired images play with a similar sense of displacement and parallax. On the left, you have your eager explorers, photographer and companion, having traveled from a place in the middle of Canada with a winter and summer climate and a rolling grassland landscape eerily similar to that of their destination in Mongolia. On the right is the social and environmental reality of a place largely unchanged over many centuries. No fences, no land ownership, no roads. A place, though strangely like our own in Canada, that is sparsely populated with nomads and horses.
On the first day, 8:48 amOn the first day, 9:18 am - On the third day, 9:57 amOn the first day, 10:16 am - On the second day, 11:00 amOn the first day, 2:02 pm - On the first day, 5:46 pmOn the second day, 10:29 amOn the first day, 2:01 pm - On the third day, 8:43 amOn the second day, 2:12 pm - On the third day, 8:44 amOn the third day, 6:00 pm - On the second day, 4:42 pmOn the third day, 12:17 pm