Ways To Walk is a series of small softcover books documenting—through photography, prose and map graphics—my short, urban walks in search of nothing in particular other than some vague understanding of where I am at any particular moment.

Over the past fifteen years, my photo-based practice has focussed on the art of a good walk: the chain of sensorial observations made at a slow, rhythmic pace; the progression of small details and large vistas; the artifacts of human occupation, whether banal or odd or moving; the heat or cold, the terrain, the smells; a sense of place evolving over time.

Walks can be thought of as performance, the art of perambulation over a period of time, following a loosely scripted program of maps and trails. The drama unfolds over time and distance, informed by unknown places and unexpected observations that come and go around every curve.

Books, I find, are an effective way to present these walk-performances. Each Ways To Walk book is a geo-spatial guided tour, layers of photographs, map graphics and prose playing out over time and distance.

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