David Firman Photoworks | Ways to Walk

I have a predisposition to walk excessively. Locally, internationally, anywhere. Walking is my means of understanding the world from the intimate perspective of a sidewalk or a trail. And it is my opportunity to get lost, not just physically but visually. “Ways to Walk” explores the various means of discovering my world using only foot power, a small camera or iPhone, a mapping application and a thread of thoughts that grows in length as a walk progresses. “Ways to Walk” bring these elements together in books such as “Ramen Rambles”, a story about five extraordinary walks in search of the ordinary.

The books of “Ways to Walk” are intentionally designed to be available at a reasonable price through the print-on-demand (POD) services of Blurb. The book format is well-suited my serialized photo/text/map stories and POD allows me to affordably produce a multitude of books in a short period of time. To date, I have six books in the “Ways to Walk” series available on my Blurb Bookstores (Canada or USA) but my intent is to build the collection to about 25 over the next few years.
A Dérive To The AirportBridge Of LightsNight AtlasRamen RamblesWalking StyxxWalking The Water