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Portage Avenue Skywalk Mural

Location: Winnipeg
Completion Date: 2009
Media/Materials: Photo images printed on vinyl window film.

This was a competition for photos relating to Portage Avenue for installation by the Downtown Biz in the glass skywalks that cross the avenue. Envisaged by the client as a one year project, the mural is still on display as of 2013.

Wedding dresses and architecture. The connection at first seems to defy logic, but consider the possibilities. First, there are an unusually large number of party dress and wedding shops on or near Portage Avenue. Their storefront displays of elegant gowns are signals of life, gilded corsets full of vibrant colours, dormant displays of energy waiting for a party. Then there are the old historic buildings lining The Avenue and its side streets, all with a similar life force and mission: filigreed corsets of stone wanting to continue the party they started a hundred years ago. The match is made, the dance must follow.
Shall We Dance? (Sterling Building)Shall We Dance? (Bank of Montreal)Shall We Dance? (Marlborough Hotel)Shall We Dance? (Paris Building)Shall We Dance? (White House)