The Sketches are intended to act as studies for the main "canvases" which are the Walk_Journeys. The images in this series are explorations of the techniques and visual possibilities of taking photographs while in motion (at a brisk walking pace). Compared to one of the Journeys, which consists a continuous flow of pictures taken along a path, for the Sketches I stop to explore the possibilities of a distinct subject. This allows me to experiment with camera motion techniques as well as the influence of my own motion while taking pictures.

In some respects, the Sketches are panoramas. They are assembled from images taken in sequence as I sweep from one side of the subject to the other. However, the space is highly compressed compared to the original scene. Quite often dozens of images are taken, exploring different camera and human motions. From these, around six images might be selected for the final assembly of a Sketch. While the linear sequence of the selected images is maintained, it is highly compressed in the assembly process.
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