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Edition of ten numbered copies.

Each book is signed and stamped by the author.

Hardcover with dust jacket and premium book cloth.

88 pages.

67 reproductions of Polaroid SX-70 photographs.

Each book has one original hand-painted Polaroid SX-70 photograph, hand-mounted with clear archival photo corners to a blank page.

Each photo is signed and dated on verso.

Photo corners permit removal (and reinstalation) to see signature or to frame.

CDN $159.82 each
Premium oatmeal book clothNumber, signature and stampHand-painted SX-70 printLimited Edition 1/10-SOLDLimited Edition 2/10Limited Edition 3/10Limited Edition 4/10Limited Edition 5/10Limited Edition 6/10-SOLDLimited Edition 7/10Limited Edition 8/10-SOLDLimited Edition 9/10Limited Edition 10/10-SOLD