From Our Windows is David Firman’s personal story, told through Polaroid pictures, of life contained within four walls. Set during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the story explores the relationship of sanctuary to the now-viral world outside, separated yet connected through thin sheets of glass.

In the late 1970s, photographer André Kertész was living a parallel narrative. Old age and isolation—his wife had recently passed—left him looking through the window of his New York apartment, a story he told through Polaroid pictures and his 1981 book, From My Window.

Separated by forty years, Firman draws on Kertész’s work in his own search for beauty in the face of loss.

You can view the book page-by-page here.

From Our Windows is available in two versions:

The Regular Edition is an affordable hardcover book with a premium heavy-weight paper stock.

The Limited Edition version is limited to ten copies. Each includes a unique, original Polaroid SX-70 picture, taken and hand-painted by the author.
From Our Windows, Regular EditionFrom Our Windows, Limited Edition